Ax Holding

Dear Community, today is a huge day for us, the Switcheo community, Demex, and Tradehub!

Demex is launching Futures and we AXvalidator are generating AXT token.
We will airdrop it to all the 16 linked wallets.

We want to thank all of you guys that give us trust and interest.
If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us, we will try to solve all your problems.

Token name: AX token

Ticker symbols: AXT

Smart contract:

Total supply: 1.000.000 AXT

February Distribution: 100.000 AXT

Every wallet will receive: 6250 AXT

We will add the Airdrop Transaction on our Spreadsheet:





AX Validator:



Ax Holding

Ax Holding

Welcome everybody, we are AX Holding, a group of traders, softwer engineers and network architects. We strongly belive in Defi e decentralization.